Cupping point and Benefits

Health Articles - In general,  the points Cupping  also is a combination of meridians or acupuncture points.These points are known and exemplified bruise the Prophet Muhammad are as follows:
Umm Mughits
From Ibn `Umar told us that:
"Prophet Muhammad never berbekam on his head and call it by Umm Mughits. "
Located in the crown. Pembekaman at that point believed to cure disease Stroke, High Blood Pressure / Hypertension, vertigo, and migraine.
Qumah Duwah
"Be you all doing in the middle of treatment with bekan neck, for surely it is the drug of seventy-two diseases. "
Pembekaman at this point is very effective for mild and severe diseases such as the eye is less clear, improve memory and memory, dizziness or headaches, shoulder pain and pain interference in the throat.
"Prophet Muhammad had berbekam on 'akhda' ain and his shoulder. He used to berbekam on seventeenth, nineteenth and keduapuluhsatu. "
The position of this point is at 2 veins left and right side of the neck. Usually, his position is somewhat hidden. Pembekanan at this point useful to treat hypertension, high blood pressure, cholesterol and stroke on the head and face.
The position of this point lies at the very top end of the spine. Berbekam at this point of usefulness to cure the disease around the head and nerves. This point is also known as a point of 72 diseases, cupping at this point it could cure 72 diseases.
This is the topmost point of the head. Usefulness is to restore the memory.
Point Squad
This point is located at the back right and left. Pembekaman here efficacious to cure asthma, lung, heart and bronchitis.
Waist point
Pembekaman at this point it is useful to cure kidney disorders, kidney stones, kidney failure, fertility problems and difficulty urinating.
Hip point
Pembekamana at this point believed to relieve pain when it fell in a sitting position.
Point Groin
Pembekaman at this point efficacious to heal leg limp or bruised from the hit or fall.
Calf and thigh folds point
Cupping at this point it is useful to cope with bladder disorders, gout, rheumatic pain and stiffness.
Point Back Foot
Cupping at this point is useful for gout, problems were injured thigh, calf, barriers menstruation and itching of the scrotum.
Cupping point and Benefits


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