Uterine Cancer (Cancer of the Uterus)

Cancer of the uterus. The disease most feared cancer among women, the disease is considered as a cause of death worldwide. The disease is caused by a virus human papilloma virus (HPV) which attacks the cervix. This is illustrated by studies indicate that over 70% of cervical cancer or cervical cancer through human papillomavirus (HPV).
This cancer can be caused by nicotine in the blood. Why? Since cigarette smoke enters the body entering the blood stream immediately spread throughout the body. Nicotine substances in the blood to all parts of the body off, including the cervix and the lining of the uterus that are hypersensitive to nicotine. Nicotine stimulates the growth of abnormal cells, the later the mother of the development of cervical cancer cells.

Symptoms of uterine cancer
The symptoms of cervical cancer are not specific, but generally the symptoms are often experienced as follows: The pressure on the stomach (bloating, swelling and bloating) and urge to urinate constantly.
Occur with other symptoms such as:
• digestive disorders that persist (gas or nausea)
• Delete the changes AAIR great habit for no apparent reason, such as constipation
• loss of appetite or feeling full quickly
• Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
• Sustainable Bizkit & poo
• pain in the area around the waist / hip
• Changes in the menstrual cycle

The cause of uterine cancer
  1. Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the virus is transmitted through sexual contact.
  2. Heredity
  3. Food Chemicals
  4. Smoke
  5. Gender at an early age.
  6. diseases of the immune system.
  7. The use of contraceptive pills.
  8. To change sexual partners.
  9. Herpes genitalis.a
  10. Psychological factors like depression and stress.
factor risk
What should be avoided by women 
Basically, it's the nicotine in gently all the mucous membranes of body cells react or awake. Especially in the neck, lung and cervix. The more nicotine, you will have the aspiration more absorbed by the throat, hence the greater the risk involved, the three institutions were from cancer.

  • Cleaning the vagina
As we know, a lot of vaginal antiseptics are special cleaners on the market with advertising slogans very tempting. Few women know that the chemical antiseptics cause irritation of the cervix. Often women are tempted by advertising laxatives, said to be able to kill bacteria in the vagina. Although there are germs in the vagina called Basillus Doderlain produce lactic acid, which received its function to maintain the moisture of the vagina. So, avoid the use of vaginal cleanser from now on!
  • Sprinkle the powder into the vagina
We just need to know both, always bring freshness in our cozy effect. Similarly, if you keep your vagina always wanted fresh, sprinkle talcum powder tend to enjoy. But apparently, in addition to the desired freshness, there is the possibility of ovarian cancer (ovarian cancer). For if there is an adhesive powder grains, it will become infected and lead to injury in the ovaries.
In fact, there are many things that can be avoided by women, should prevent the growth of uterine cancer, but only three that I mentioned above ..
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