Health Articles - a Powerful Strategy to Quit Smoking ( For the Sake of a Healthy Family)

Health Articles - a Powerful Strategy to Quit Smoking ( For the Sake of a Healthy Family)
Stop smoking? For those of a heavy smoker, maybe it is extremely difficult. I m also a heavy smoker who wanted to leave my smoking habit, because I am aware of the dangers of smoking. Not only that the danger was for its own sake, but others around us come to the effects of the hazards of smoking, of feeling, especially our family (wife and children). Did we see the heart, they suffer from diseases caused through us smokers? Have we the courage to kill those closest to the people we love because cigarettes? Certainly not, right?

I recently had some powerful tips on how to find people to quit and heavy smokers, I was immediately practice the tips and advice for ex-smokers with a really, really existed. And it turns out, what I do is not frivolous, gradually I started smoking cigarettes at what I do, because I really love my family to be reduced. And I do not want to kill them slowly with my cigarette consumption

Here are some tips and expert advice, which I gathered from various sources so that we all (smokers), immediately turn off the cigarettes from now on, for the benefit of a healthy family, including:

  • Your intention is the door to the change
Right, before deciding to do something you should have to have a strong intention of the ourselves. Strengthen the intention to quit smoking from now on, because the intention is the foundation. Without the foundation of everything will be useless, with the foundation (intention) that we have, everything will go according to what we want. So, start now to cultivate the intention to quit smoking for the sake of a healthy family
  • Looking for a good reason why you should quit smoking
Once you confirm your intentions, you have to do is figure out the reason why you should quit smoking. Families are good reasons to start stop smoking, see theharmful effects of passive smoking on people who are causing all around us, especially the family. It will be a good reason for those of you who want to quit smoking, you are unsure, bad things happen to the family, simply because they smoke cigarettes, right?
  • Pick something which is associated with cigarette
Once you have a strong faith and reason, remove all things related to smoking. For example, no a pack of cigarettes should be kept in the house, the ashtrays provided instead of the invisible (the barn, in the tomb or discarded), after smoking the last attempt to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke with air freshener and perfume the smell of cigarette smoke is completely gone. Coffee also leads us to smoke, avoid coffee, we are not concerned to smoke
  • Finding an integral flow of useful information
This method is very effective, because I have proved it. There must be no free time because it may cause, even for us back to smoking. Keep me busy with positive things, such as: sports morning, reading books was ourselveshelp, and active in the organization in a satisfactory result.
  • The consultant physician
Ask them to stop for a recipe with smoking to the doctor, the doctor certainly help you solve the problems facing
  • Avoid the association of individuals who smoke
As it can also lead us to try again to consume cigarettes, in addition to dealing with people smokers also have an impact on your health. Once you stop smoking, because tobacco smoke is more dangerous than active smoking. Therefore, from now on to avoid the association of smoking.
This is the strategy I am doing now to eliminate the smoking habit, and even now I still keep my intention to quit smoking for the benefit of a healthy family, because I really love them :)

Health Articles - a Powerful Strategy to Quit Smoking ( For the Sake of a Healthy Family)


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    you also have a great blog i think..

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